Homer Buddha Dab Rig

Homer Buddha Dab Rig: Empire Glassworks Limited Edition(100)

This Homer Buddha Dab Rig is a 100-of-a-kind piece by Empire Glassworks. This piece features a Buddha remix of Homer meditating on top of a frosty d’OH-nut and ready for some d’abs!

    • Width: 4.0 in.
    • Height: 5.25 in.
    • Base Diameter: 3.0 in.
    • Joint Size: 14mm (F)
    • Weight: 12.0 oz.


Out of stock

The Homer Buddha Dab Rig

Empire Glassworks only made a limited batch of one hundred offered at Heady Treasures. This heady piece was blown by Empire Glassworks. It is a true gem and bound to be an instant classic and hit at any dab session.

Heady Treasures is a small distributor of fine and affordable heady American glass. I have hand-picked some of my favorite selections. I pick what I immediately see as being a great value from Heady Treasures.Of course you may want to have a look for yourself and please feel free.


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