Flat E-Nail Coil Replacement

Flat E-Nail Coil Replacement:

The flat e-nail coil is the most efficient way to heat your hybrid dab nail (or any nail with a dish on top such as the SiC Ti hybrid nail). CAUTION: your e-nail and/or coil may malfunction dangerously if the wiring order is not confirmed to match! Many e-nail controllers are wired differently (even though they look like they might match). If you are unsure, I can help you find out. Read this for more info.

  • Flat style e-nail heat coil with a 10mm ID
  • 100W/120V coil
  • XLR 5-pin connector plug
  • Wiring comparable with most major quality brands
  • K-type thermocouple sensor (standard type — almost 100% match probability on this)
  • Kevlar cord sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • Wiring order of this coil ID: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=Ground


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Flat Coil for Hybrid Dab Nails

The flat e-nail coil is the most efficient way to heat your hybrid dab nail. This includes any nail with a dish on top, such as the SiC Ti hybrid nail. The sandwich action between the nail and the coil means that your heat coil stays hot and (not) juicy in between two minerally-rich dab patties (you can tell it’s getting close to lunch time for me). The short of it is that the heat coil being right under the dish is advantageous since heat travels upward. This means more heat has to travel through the above dab dish before esacping into the ambient air. Most of the heat rises directly up toward your dish’s heating surface instead of directly into your room. Barrel coils are actually preferred by some for a more indirect heat. However, the flat e-nail heat coil is the most efficient at delivering heat directly to the dish’s bottom surface.

Flat Coil Vs. Barrel Style Coil:

A barrel style e-nail heat coil is great for “dome-less” style dab nails. These are designed to allow a heater coil to rest around the outer walls. Even with quartz bangers some extremely low temp “flavor chasers” prefer the indirect heat. Also, the barrel style coil is used on “domeless” nails. This style of nail has less surface area to maintain compared to a quartz banger. Also, sometimes the fastening nut on the hybrid nails can come loose, which can be quite the mishap depending on how hot the coil and dish is– and where they land! This only happened to me once after moving locations and not checking the tighness after like a fool. Flat heat coils are the most efficient at delivering heat directly to the bottom surface of a quartz or SiC dish. There, it is directly transferred to the concentrate. On the other hand, a barrel style coil will heat the side-walls slightly more than the bottom. A cooler bottom surface and hotter walls most often leaves a larger pool after (but less scorching).

“Waste it to taste it”: Prevent Devitrified/”Chazzed Bangers”

Those of the “waste it to taste it” school of thought may prefer this route. Others consider this wasteful, but there is the advantage of leaving a pool at the end. This prevents chazzing of your quartz. If you q-tip the banger almost completely clean before the dab has a chance to dry and become a crust you can keep your nail clean much easier. I am somewhere in the middle, because like others I like “hot” dabs sometimes. However normally I lean towards less waste more flavor and less crusting. I find #lowtempdabs around 650F with a SiC dish work the best for me using a hybrid nail. With a quartz or Ti it’s more like 710F or higher. This is with a capper tool of course.

If you don’t know for sure the wiring order on pins 1-5 of your gear please first ask your controller seller for the pin configuration to match to this coil before purchasing. If for some reason you cannot get a response, ask me and I will  see if we can figure it out together! Your e-nail will probably not work and likely even malfunction if the wiring order of the coil and controller do not match! It may look like the same size plug but some companies wire their e-nails differently to try to get proprietary exclusivity. If you do not know for sure how your e-nail or coil is wired, it is solely your responsibility to find out (how to here). Most e-nail sellers are responsive when you ask them. Just ask what the wiring configuration is on the 5-pin XLR plug. When you find it, please make sure it matches the listed configuration listed here.