Enail Bundle With Pre-Packaged Accessories | Architectural Tile

Enail Bundle With Pre-Packaged Accessories | Architectural Tile:

This ultimate enail bundle features a US-designed and 3D printed custom controller inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect. His “Ennis House” motif design was heavily featured in ‘Blade Runner’; which is a sci-fi and cult classic. The original Ennis House was part of FLW’s Mayan era where he was inspired by the ancient yet oddly futuristic aesthetics of the Mayan written language and artifacts. Frank Lloyd Wright was widely regarded as one of the greatest American architects of our century and this enail bundle is a homage to him as well as the cult classic film that featured and appreciated his work.


  • Compact mini e-nail controller & power cord
  • 30mm coil and banger with pin fastener on bottom along with matching quartz insert included (add 24.99 for SiC)
  • Choice of free dab rigs: mini green or blue vortex rigs (5″ tall/14mm joint) or clear mini vortex rig (5″ tall/10mm joint w/ 10mm to 14mm adapter) — add 29.99 for 8″ (14mm) green or clear Klein rig
  • Choice of free capper tools
  • Dropdown rig to nail glass (heat isolator)
  • Two ruby pearls
  • Multi stand/holder for q-tips, cappers, bangers, etc.
  • Two free attachable holder stand modules for accessories here

Specs and Features:

  • Best style, function, portability, & value
  • Compact controller offers hands-free electric heating control
  • Klein recycler rig eliminates splashing
  • Controller electronics are fuse-protected
  • Made of sustainable PLA plastic material which is a by-product of the sugar industry. PLA is recyclable and even semi-compostable (if buried in soil for a few years or so).
  • 2-year warranty
  • Size is approximately: 3.5″ x 3.25″ x 2.5″
  • Designed, printed, painted, assembled, and shipped from Oregon


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  • Product Price: $197.99
  • Total: $0.00

What Do You Need For A Complete Enail Bundle?

Enail setups can be complicated. That’s why I rounded up of the best enail bundle I could find, and put it all here. It’s understandable that you may have some questions about what you need to make a complete set. Besides the power cord, the main three items that you really need are a heat coil, dab nail, and some sort of dabber tool. I would also say that a capper (or “carb cap”) is required for the full experience, but you can turn the heat up to get by if needed. A capper allows you to increase the vacuum, which then allows for boiling at lower temps. Beyond that, a holder for q-tips, and inserts/pearls are always nice to keep optimize the dab surface area and flavor/maintenance.

Just Add Water and Sauce

After you have your setup plugged in, your tools and q-tips arranged, and water added to the rig chamber, just add sauce, CBD, or whatever product you prefer and dab away! Use the up and down arrows to adjust temperature and just let it blink. It will set itself after that. Forget about pressing the actual SET button. It’s unnecessary and will likely lead you to the advanced menu, which is unnecessary for 99.99% of users.

Dab Rigs Bundled and Shipped From The USA

The compact enail bundle set comes complete with a functional dab rig tried and tested by yours truly and many happy customers. They are shipped from the USA at the lowest price possible. These affordable dab rigs won’t make you cry if they break; yet still function with the best of them. Many agree the wait time from sites like DHgate and Alibaba can be painful. Communication errors can make it twice as frustrating to get the dab rig you are looking for within a reasonable amount of time. Often you can expect to wait up to 3 weeks or more for your delivery assuming there are no holidays happening. Imported dab rigs can be of amazing quality for the price, but also time is money. If you need a dab rig in early February — just forget about it! That’s the New Year’s Holiday in China and often times you won’t be able to get anything until March.

Feedback Is Always Valued Here

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to drop a line or two at the contact page. It’s always great to get feedback from customers like yourelf. I am always excited to see what is in store for the next project! Color matching is available via the add on menu for your enail dab rig combo. More color combination ideas are available here if you need a place to start. Check out that page for more ideas on custom objects made into electric nail cases.

Personalize Your Enail Dab Rig Combo Set

Create your ideal dab rig combo setup with custom color options and specific add on tools, if you would like. Input in the checkout section notes to compliment your favorite heady glass dab rig with matching colors. Also please limit colors to 2-3 (4 max) in order to allow for optimal balance in the final design. Also, expect up to 5 working days extra production time for custom color choices. Do you have another heady idea for an e-nail enclosure? The custom e-nail sets in the duals & customs section are often made from ideas coming from customers like yourself. If you have a heady e-nail dream that you want to come alive please don’t hesitate to use the contact page!

Care For 3D Printed Items

All 3D printed items must be handled with a reasonable level of care to avoid weakening and/or warping the structure. 3D FDM printing uses a layer-by-layer construction — as opposed to standard injection molding which has no layers but is one uniform piece. Any transport of 3D printed items should include sufficient padding and you should avoid stacking very heavy objects on top of 3d printed items or around them to prevent smashing and/or cracking.

Please keep 3D printed items out of direct sunlight. Intense direct sunlight a very hot environment may result in slight warpage. Care should be taken to keep any 3D printed away from areas of intense heat (over 90F) or the risk of warpage increases. In most cases any warpage will probably be hardly noticeable; but some warning and care is appropriate when it comes to this.

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