Electronic Nail Setup: "Bio Swamp"

Electronic Nail Setup: “Bio Swamp”

The enclosure for this custom electronic nail controller was designed, injection-molded, and individually painted in the USA. It’s equipped with one of the fastest, safest, most reliable electronics available online today. RCCtools designs, paints, and assembles unique electronic nail cases which deliver convenient and reliable heating to your dab session.


    • Keeps your nail heated consistently & conveniently within dabbing range
    • Designed, painted & assembled in the USA
    • Marble-ized “fingerprint” finish that cannot be duplicated exactly
    • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
    • Wiring on the plugs are: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground
    • Custom wiring order can be done for your heating coil if you already have one you want to use ($10.99).
    • Safe, rugged, shock-resistant ABS plastic enclosure (same as LEGO material)
    • Controller dimensions are approximately: 5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″
    • Free 2-yearwarranty on each and every controller


  • Electronic nail controller & power cable
  • Choose your tools/accessories using the menu


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All Of The Right Pieces

These electronic nail setups allow for add on options so you can mix and match the right parts to your collection. None other come shipped from the US with this level of performance, style, and customer service. You came to the right place if for your next top-shelf dab station!

High Strength ABS Plastic Enclosures

Each unique controller case is designed, assembled, painted, tested, in the USA. Each controller gets a warranty for 2 years under reasonable terms (found here). LEGO trusts ABS plastic for their toys, therefore RCCtools does too. ABS is much more impact-resistant, shock-proof, rust-proof, and lighter than aluminum or steel cases. This high strength plastic is known for being one of the toughest in the industry. LEGO’s are made of ABS, and they’re rated for being punished by a toddler! Do you remember ever breaking a solid LEGO brick as a kid? You and I both know this particular plastic is made to resist significant impact.

ABS This amazing material is also shock-proof, compared to a metal case which conducts electricity quickly. The ABS does not rust in moist environments like a metallic material will. The ABS is also much lighter than metal. If you are taking it around this makes it easier to do so, along with the compact shape. By the way, have you seen the LEGO movie, ON WEED? (Half Baked reference).

Marble Paint Finish

The paint finish protects against ABS’sonly kryptonite, which are UV rays from sitting in the sun for too long. I draw inspiration from natural patterns, random intuition, and some formal training in “color theory”. Check out the ready made designs, which are available here to inspire your own creation. You’ll recognize some natural patterns such as: marble, wood grain, sediment layers, lava flows, wind-shaped geology, galaxies, waterways, outer-space, marine life, and other natural patterns in these designs. Send in an object you found to be made into an electric nail such as an old toy or model, since the only limit is having room for the electronic components.

A Truly Original Electric Nail Set

Each unit is a unique individual, since to the nature of the painting process always introduces a bit of randomness. Many factors affect the final design because even the most basic things like wind, sunlight, and ambient temperature all play a role in shaping the design. The properties of the materials, mixture ratios, and different dipping techniques all play a part. No two designs come out the exact same twice, since each marbled electric nail set has it’s own unique “fingerprint” that is impossible to duplicate. Each individual unit has it’s own unique patterns and balance of color. I am forced to move on to the next surprise, so no matter how attached I become to the design I treat it like a Mandala and move right on to the next heady experiment.

Please drop your questions, comments, or proposals here.

Here’s a few helpful posts on the enail guide page for helpful information from the beginner setup to the heady collector



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