E-Nectar Grenade | Electric Nectar Setup

  • 14mm joint into the e-nectar “straw”
  • 10mm heating coil
  • Secured titanium nectar tip to complete the set
  • Available option to add e-nail controller & combine shipping (will be recalculated to the price of just shipping one or the other)

E-Nectar set heat coil specs:

  • 100W / 120V
  • K-type thermocouple
  • standard XLR 5-pin connector
  • also fits many other brands of e-nail controllers
  • standard pin configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND

E-nail nectar set coils are good on average for about a year, (but they can last for many years if not bent excessively or misused). It is important to buy your heat coil from the same company that your controller was purchased from, or make sure that the pin configurations will match between your new heat coil and the e-nail itself.




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The E-Nectar Grenade is set to go for your most rugged dabbing sessions. The silicone material of the e-nectar grenade is a great portable piece of gear that you can trust to stay in one piece. Also, the silicone stand also helps out quite a bit with keeping the dab straw from rolling away. It will help keep the hot tip from burning surrounding objects once you are done using it. RCCtools has something for every dab enthusiast and not everyone wants the responsibility of owning a glass piece. You can take this around and not worry much about how you treat it or having to bring an extra Peli case.


If you need an e-nail controller check out the Homer-Nail, or any other of the custom e-nails. Alternatively you can come with your heady idea and make it come to life by sending a message request. Please include some brief information about the item that you have in mind. Contact today if you have an idea, or have an object that you think might be just the right size for e-nail electronics! Your heady dreams can start as soon as you choose to…I’d love to see what heady ideas you have in mind.


What sets RCC TOOLS apart from other e-nail stores? Here are just a few reasons: “WHAT SETS RCC TOOLS APART?

Availability: In stock

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