Dual E-Nail Controller: "Swamp Thing"

Dual E-Nail Controller: “Swamp Thing”

A heady dual enail controller designed and marble-painted in the USA. Shipped from Portland, Oregon at one of the most affordable prices on the net!

  • Custom American dual e-nail controller with convenient & reliable electronic temperature control
  • Keeps your platens within a tight temperature range which affect the consistency of the concentrate product
  • Safe, rugged, shock-resistant ABS plastic enclosure (same as LEGO material)
  • High-wattage AC electronics are protected with a fast-blowing fuse for safety
  • Marble-ized finish individualizes each e-nail controller with it’s own “fingerprint” design that cannot be duplicated exactly
  • FREE 2-year warranty available with each and every controller
  • Controller dimensions are approximately: 6.25″ x 3.75″ x 2.25″
  • RCCtools heady marble-ized e-nail controllers are designed, painted & assembled in the USA


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