Standard Dropdown Glass Adapter (14M to 14F)

Standard Dropdown Glass Adapter (14M to 14F):

This dropdown glass adapter is the perfect size for catching some heavy reclaim before it runs through your rig. It keeps the rig from tipping over by allowing you to rotate your coil back towards the rig. Also it gives you needed piece of mind by preventing breakage and reclaim build up. Additionally, this handy glass adapter helps with nail removal and preventing joint breakage due to sticky residue

  • One side is 14mm male and the other side is 14mm female


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Dropdowns Prevent Dab Rig Tipping

Check out this handy guide on how to use a dropdown glass adapter to help keep a small rig from tipping over. This way the two parts balance each other out and even a small dab rig has no troubles staying upright with an e-nail heat coil.