Compressed Drop Down Adapter Fitting (14M to 14F)

Compressed Drop Down Adapter Fitting (14M to 14F):

This handy dropdown adapter fitting provides a short thermal break to protect the nail connection on your rig. It doesn’t take up much space, yet will keep a fair amount of reclaim from getting into your rig while keeping the joint connection from cracking due to heat expansion. It also helps with banger removal.

  • One side is 14mm male and the other side is 14mm female


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Balance for small rigs

One handy use for a drop down adapter that many may not think of is balance. The way that drop downs achieve this is by first adding enough height to clear the rig chamber; allowing for you to rotate the banger and coil neck back towards the rig. You’ll get a much tighter center of gravity with the coil neck pointing back towards the rig. For small rigs which also have a light-weight base, this goes a long way to keep it from tipping over. Check out this quick guide for more detail.

Rig Protection

If you are at all concerned about your heady glass contacting your hot metallic-based nail (which expands quicker than quartz/glass) you will want to utilize a drop down adapter fitting that fits both your dab rig and your e-nail nail. This is especially the case with e-nails because the constant heat can easily travel back down through the joint. If you are turning the e-nail on and off in cycles for each use, this also increases the chances of problems due to expansion and contraction. Even with a torch it is a good idea to use a drop down adapter fitting, since the heat up cycle is faster and more intense.

I don’t personally worry about my own rigs breaking much. Mostly because I haven’t had any trouble so far — knock on wood…er’…glass. However, I still use these adapters to center the weight and catch reclaim before it flows into the rig. Also, it makes it a little easier to remove a Ti nail from the glass for some reason. I’ve actually broken a piece removing a Ti nail — but never glass on glass. It’s overall been easier and less stressful with the drop down adapter with either material though. For about $5 it’s a no-brainer for some peace-of-mind and convenience. NOTE: A torch, lighter, hair dryer, or hot water can be handy to loosen the reclaim in order to remove a stuck nail.

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