Compressed Drop Down Adapter Fitting (14M to 14F)

Compressed Drop Down Adapter Fitting (14M to 14F)

  • A short and compact drop down adapter to protect your rig joint, add some height, and catch some reclaim
  • One side is 14mm Male and the other side is 14mm Female
  • Helps with banger removal later on and gives some buffer against breaking a nice rig


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Balance for small rigs

One handy use for a drop down adapter that many may not think of is balance. If you have a small rig with a lighter base, this may be critical. Even with just a torch it is a good idea, since the heat is separated more from your piece. Also, less claim will make it directly into your glass.

NOTE: a torch or warm/hot water can also help to remove a stuck nail from your glass dab rig fitting).

If you are at all concerned about your heady glass contacting your hot metallic-based nail (which expands quicker than quartz/glass) you will want to utilize a drop down adapter fitting that fits both your dab rig and your e-nail nail. I don’t personally worry about my own rigs breaking (haven’t had any trouble so far– knock on wood…er’, glass) but I still use these adapters just to make it easier to remove the nail later. I’ve actually broken a piece just trying to get the nail out before, and it’s just a lot easier this way. For about $5 you can’t beat that kind of convenience and peace-of-mind when working with your dab rig.

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