Dab Station Tool Kit | Ultimate Accessories Combo

Dab Station Kit | Ultimate Tools and Accessories Combo:

My 3D printed dab station tool kit is the ultimate tools and accessories combo to complete your enail set. The best value in dab tools are included in this set, including two free ruby pearls to put the cherry on top.


  • 3D printed customized dab accessories holder may be customized to fit your needs and allows for attachable holders to expand and fit your needs.
  • 25mm banger with both cotter pin fastener with 3 sizes of 710coils bands for extra backup
  • Quartz insert included (or upgrade to SiC for only $24.99)
  • Quartz lollipop dabber included
  • Choice of cappers: standard bubble, oblong bubble or “bubtide” capper tools included
  • Two free ruby pearls included!
  • Attachable honeypot ISO/water vial holder add on option
  • Add on option for savings on your 25mm axial heating coil — The wiring compatibility on the coil is: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND …please make sure this matches your controller or it will could dangerously malfunction!


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