Dab Kit Package | Full Gauntlet Enail Package

Dab Kit Package | Full Gauntlet Enail Package:

The Gauntlet dab kit package makes for a convenient and easy choice whether you are looking to upgrade or jump into the dab game with all of the best parts.


  • Thor Infinity Glove Gauntlet controller & power cord
  • 30mm coil and banger with pin fastener on bottom along with matching quartz insert (add 24.99 for SiC)
  • Choice of glass: mini green or blue vortex rigs (5″ tall/14mm joint) or clear mini vortex rig (5″ tall/10mm joint w/ 10mm to 14mm adapter)
  • Add 29.99 for larger 8″ (14mm) green or clear Klein rig
  • Free dropdown rig to nail glass (heat isolator) included
  • Choice of bubble cap, bubtide, or American blown spinner capper tool (two Illuminati pearls included with this option)
  • Multi stand/holder for q-tips, cappers, bangers, etc.
  • Two free ruby pearls included


  • Choice of recycler rigs which all eliminate splashing completely with the best style, function, and value
  • Enail controller heats conveniently & consistently to desired dabbing temperature
  • Fuse-protected
  • Designed & assembled in the USA
  • 2-year warranty


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