Custom Electronic Nail Setup: Toadstool Frog


Custom Electronic Nail Setup: Toadstool Frog


  • Designed, cut, & assembled in the USA
  • Keeps your nail heated consistently and conveniently
  • High wattage electronics are protected with a “fast blow” fuse
  • Strong, rugged, shock-resistant plastic enclosure
  • Standard wiring and XLR heating coil plug (different wiring by request)
  • Free 2-year warranty on each and every controller

*Custom wiring order can be done by request for your heating coil if you already have one you want to use

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Call of the Wild

Nature lovers: hear the call of the wild! I made this custom electronic nail setup just for you. This frog will have you singing through the night as it keeps the dabs rolling and the temps steady. This same electronic tech has been trusted in pizza ovens for decades and has worked wonderfully for enails.

A Heady Gem

This rare piece is a very limited run of custom electronic nails made from existing objects. It’s another one of the heady originals made in an extremely limited run. Production is discontinued on these frog mushroom cases, so this is probably going to be a one of a kind piece. Get yours before it hops to another pond!

Cherry on Top

Rising from the depths of RCCtools’ American underground lair, the frog on top of the mushroom also has it’s own mushroom cap. This was not on the original figure, but was custom 3D printed to top off the piece. The detail in this figure is overall realistic and on point. It radiates hyper-realistic vibes and is #loudaf.




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No Attachments – controller & power cord ONLY, controller + 20mm barrel style heat coil, flat style heat coil