30mm Cotter Pin Banger Combo (Coil, Banger, Capper, and Insert)

30mm Cotter Pin Banger Combo (Coil, Banger, Capper, and Insert):

The cotter pin banger combo includes both heat coil (bottom-heat) and specialized e-nail banger; as well as one quartz insert and capper. *Note: It’s important to know if your controller and coil are actually compatible. I can help you find out, but if you aren’t quite sure please read this first for more info.


  • 30mm axial coil
  • 30mm banger (opaque bottom and 14mm male joint)
  • Choose opaque or clear bottom
  • R-shaped cotter pin for fastening your heat coil and banger together
  • Terp bucket insert
  • Choice of capper


  • 100W/120V coil
  • XLR 5-pin connector
  • K-type TC’s
  • Kevlar cord sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • The wiring order of this coil: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND


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30mm Vs. 25mm Bangers

A 30mm cotter pin banger has it’s definite advantages. Are you tired of trying to fit big globs in your banger only to get the side walls slopped up, caked, and crusted? Are you looking for more consistent heat that doesn’t drop as much with larger dabs? Want to make sure that your banger will fit a wide variety of inserts, with some side room to spare for grabbing with a tweezers? Are you wanting to reduce the amount of crusting that builds up on the side walls of your banger? Do you need a larger cotter pin that’s easier to remove compared to the smaller pin that has less grip and is a bit more stiff? The 30mm cotter pin banger is probably your best bet.

30mm Cotter Pin Banger Drawbacks

First, although cotter pin holder keeps the coil snug to the bottom of the banger, it might not be the best for those who have limited dexterity in their hands or chronic pain such as arthritis. The other small drawbacks to the 30mm is that it may use just slightly more power (and heat time), plus it weighs just a little more. This means if you have a small rig with a light base on it, there might be more chance of knocking it over if not careful. This is sometimes easily fixed by simply adjusting the position of the banger and coil by rotating them around closer to the rig. You can also attach your own heavy base onto a small rig. Check out the post on how to keep a dab rig from tipping over for more info. on this.

A Complete 30mm Cotter Pin Banger Upgrade

If you’re looking to upgrade from a smaller banger it’s best to get the coil and banger all in one go. Otherwise there’s a small chance that the fit may not be so good between the two. Not only does the outer diameter matter, but the center hole in the bottom wraps of the coil might not be made wide enough to fit the cotter pin holder on the banger. As far as the accessories: some cappers can be slightly too small for a 30mm banger, although most inserts out there will fit inside a 30mm banger. It’s always handy to get it all in one place with a bit of a discount regardless.

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