30mm Cotter Pin Banger Combo (Coil, Banger, Capper, and Insert)

30mm Cotter Pin Banger Combo (Coil, Banger, Capper, and Insert):

The cotter pin banger combo includes both heat coil (bottom-heat) and specialized e-nail banger; as well as one quartz insert and capper. NOTE: It’s important to know if your controller and coil are actually compatible. I can help you find out, but if you aren’t quite sure please read this first for more info.


  • 30mm axial coil
  • 30mm banger (14mm male joint)
  • R-shaped cotter pin for fastening your heat coil and banger together
  • Choice of free capper tool
  • Choice of free quartz bucket insert


  • 100W/120V coil
  • XLR 5-pin connector
  • K-type TC’s
  • Heat coil sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • The wiring order of this coil: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND


  • Options Price: $0.00
  • Product Price: $66.99
  • Total: $0.00

Cotter Pin Banger Combo

If you’re looking to upgrade from a smaller banger, the cotter pin banger combo has all you need in one handy combo. It’s best to get the coil and banger all in one purchase. Otherwise there’s a small chance that the fit between the banger and coil may not be so great and require some adjusting. Not only does the outer diameter of the banger matter, but the center hole in the bottom of the coil might not be wide enough to fit the cotter pin nipple on the bottom of the banger. As far as the accessories go, some cappers might be slightly too small for a 30mm banger, although most do fit either almost any size bucket under 30mm. Most inserts out there under 25mm also will fit inside a 30mm banger, unless the banger walls are very thick, which can be a close call. It’s always nice to get it all in one place with a bit of a discount, regardless!

Warning To Those With Limited Hand Function

First, although the 30mm banger features a larger pin than the 25mm banger does, it might not be the best for those who have limited dexterity in their hands or chronic pain such as arthritis. The cotter pin holder keeps the coil so snug to the bottom of the banger that it can be difficult to remove at times without forcing the pin and eventually breaking the banger. You’ll want to be careful while removing the pin to avoid breakage. The best way to do this is to support the quartz nipple with one finger and carefully push the pin outward when removing. This is better than trying to pull the pin from the end. It’s too easy to lever the pin upwards or to the side when pulling, which ends up putting a lot of force on the quartz nipple and eventually breaking it.

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