Cannaclamp V2 portable rosin press
CANNACLAMP rosin press plates HMK

Sale: CANNACLAMP V2 Portable Professional HMK Rosin Press

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SALE: Cannaclamp V2 Portable Rosin Press:

Need a portable unit for cannabis event booth demos of solvent-less production, quality assurance testing, and/or small run craft rosin? Look no further. The Cannaclamp V2 portable rosin press is the most solid portable and lightweight rosin press solution available on the market.


  • 2″ x 3.75″ plates allow for optimal balance of force and pressing size
  • Professionally-mounted on Irwin brand heavy-duty clamps
  • The Cannaclamp is easy able to press 7g in one go!
  • Electronic controller is programmed to stay within a standard temperature range for rosin pressing (100F-300F)
  • Accurate heating adjustments (+/- 5F per click) allow you to dial in temps for a wider range of terpene profiles and wider control of final product consistency
  • Grounded 3 prong US-type plug


  • Irwin 600 Hand Clamp w/ Electronic Controls
  • Cannaclamp Plates w/ Irwin Mount Fitting
  • High Heat replacement pads
  • 37u Mesh Pressing Bags
  • Parchment Squares
  • Silicone non stick “Battle of the Century” work mat
  • Easy to read Instructions
  • Custom embossed logo on the pre-press by request

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The Cannaclamp V2 took #2 recently in a High Times Magazine competition for the best #dabgear of the year. This is a portable rosin press that works and works well. See it in action here or watch it perform with the one-and-only John Berfelo here.

The Cannaclamp V2 is a full professional grade HMK rosin press rolled into one space-saving handheld unit! This self-contained compact portable rosin press allows you to press rosin out anywhere and skip the ownership of a much larger hydraulic or pneumatic rosin press. This is an optimal mix of portability and power and a way to get a good amount of production without having to dedicate a space for a press or spend time hauling and assembling a full hydraulic or pneumatic press.

Rosin pressing is known for solventless extraction resulting in a pure, fresh product that can be squeezed right out of any fresh dank strains that have just hit that perfect stage for rosin (approx. 60%-70% moisture)! The freshness is comparable to picking fresh garden veggies vs. buying in the store. Plus, it doesn’t get much easier to press your own fresh dabs once you learn the tricks of collecting after pressing. Also, not all material will be in the right condition for rosin pressing. They must have at least a 60% moisture content to be worth it, and are best pressed around the beginning of the curing stage (after drying) before too much moisture is lost. Moisture packs and timing can help with this (although Boveda should be avoided if flavor is intended to be preserved). Be careful with too much moisture though or else you will just get “chlorophyll tea”! Featuring the Cannaclamp V2 professional portable rosin press, which is a self-contained FULL rosin press in one handheld unit! This professional-grade press allows you to bypass the assembly & storage of a bulky hydraulic or pneumatic rosin press. It allows you the ability to make solvent-less concentrates at home with just a minimal amount of time and effort…priceless.

Now, (if you live in a legal area) you can easily provide for yourself solvent-less concentrates/extracts (sometimes referred to as rosin or solvent-less hash oil — SHO for short). Not just cannabis though– but any seed oil or essential oil may be pressed for dietary or other bodily needs can be ‘cold pressed’ (press with low heat)– not just cannabis trichomes but other healthy and legal plants as well. In fact you can produce olive oil, flax oil, sunflower oil, hempseed oil, etc., This could also be a handy tool during a hard time- who knows!

If you are looking to get into the dab game and have a moderate amount of good (dry, but not too dry– still sticky) material, this absolutely the perfect set to get you into the rosin game.



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