Wigwag Bubble Capper Tool

Wigwag Bubble Capper Tool:

  • Features some heady wigwag color workage
  • Fits all banger sizes up to 30mm quartz bangers


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Benefits of Using A Carb Capper Tool

The difference in flavor alone is night-and-day with the crazy amount of vapor coming off of a much smaller dab using a bubble capper. A capper tool is a handy hack as it allows you to effectively lower the temperature that the concentrate will become gas at. This happens when pressure is created inside the nail chamber. If pressure builds then the liquid will become gas at a lower temperature. Less heat is then applied overall and more material is preserved. Not only does a cap allow you to fine-tune the taste experience, but also without using as much material or energy. Using lower temps opens up more ability to dab only the best parts while leaving lipids and less desirable plant matter behind.

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