Blade Runner Analog E-Nail | Ennis Motif

Analog E-Nail: “Ennis Runner”

The temperature control circuit is about as simple as gets with this one! The unit is capable of delivering steady and convenient electric heat to the table using minimal electronics assembled in Portland, Oregon. The PLA enclosure was also designed, modeled and 3D printed in-house. This is one of the first, as evidence by the bridging errors causing the obvious stringyness on a few corners of the top layer (which was facing upside down when printing) — hence the sale. Choose your color using the menu below.

  • Heats safely and reliably using the same simple electronics in your house lights
  • Case is made of safe, rugged, shock-resistant ABS plastic (same as LEGO material)
  • One-of-a-kind marble-ized paint finish that individualizes each case like a fingerprint
  • XLR heating coil pin configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=X, pin4=X, pin5=ground
  • 2-year¬†warranty included on each controller


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Blade Runner / Ennis House Analog Enail

The compact design for this analog e-nail was inspired by the repeated design (motif) in the movie Blade Runner; which was inspired by concrete castings in the Ennis House designed by the late great Frank Lloyd Wright. I modeled, 3D printed, and assembled this setup, in Portland, Oregon using a simple dimmer knob for temperature control. It uses the same “tech” that dims your house lights.

The Art Of The Sweet Spot

The only tricky part is that the amount of heat multiplies as you turn it up rather than increasing by a steady rate. This means when you get to about 3/4 it’s glowing red and way too hot. The analog temperature control keeps temperatures within a decently precise range for dabbing temps when set at about half way. Find your sweet spot is normally a short and simple process of trying a few positions and letting it sit for a couple of minutes before dabbing. There is a more detailed explanation on how to get more exact #lowtemps for your next #dabsesh on the category page (CTRL+F and Type Yuri to skip to it).

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