Black Label Rosin Parchment Paper

For use with the Cannaclamp rosin press plate set:

Premium parchment paper by Black Label Paper Company.

Folded sheets for your pressing and storage needs.

35lb paper is Available in 10, 50, 100, & 500 count packages. Your sheets will come folded. 12″ x 6″ (after folding 6″x6″) 

  • Bleached
  • 35lb paper weight
  • Double sided Silicone coating ULTRA paper (similar to Kirkland brand)
  • FDA approved
  • Kosher compliant
  • Made in USA

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Black Label Rosin Parchment Paper

The most convenient way to get your CANNACLAMPS rosin sesh off to a quick start. Get more consistent results and faster processing times by using a pre-cut size that is made exactly for the equipment you are using (if using the CANNACLAMPS, of course). Higher quality than Reynolds parchment and Kosher compliant for those who are more concerned about the more un-savory elements that can exist in the fillers in popular brands such as Reynolds.

Offering the most valuable products for rosin pressing / DIY solventless concentrates at home from American companies such as Midwest Concentrates, Honey River Rosin, Black Label, MASH, and more. RCC TOOLS is a small but slowly growing store that aims to offer the best value in functional and heady dab gear available from all over the United States. Featured items from the RCC TOOLS shop are custom e-nails, compact marble-ized e-nails, dual/tripe/quad/e-nails, and analog versions. Each controller is individually designed and painted with random color schemes, and/or custom color projects.



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