Analog Enail Kit: Ultimate Analog Package

Analog Enail Kit: Ultimate Analog Package

The ultimate analog enail kit is all you will get you on an amazing head start with all of the function and style gathered into one convenient package.


  • Analog controller & power cord
  • Klein recycler rig for best function, style, and value overall
  • 25mm axial heating coil
  • 25mm banger with both cotter pin fastener and 710coils orange silicone bands for extra backup
  • Choice of Quartz and/or SiC inserts (ruby is extra)
  • Choice of lollipop dabber/capper combo, bubble, riptide, or bubbletide capper tools
  • Multi Tool Stand: Q-Tip Capper Nail Dabber Tool Stand
  • Two Free Ruby Pearls Included!/li>


  • Heats safely and reliably to dabbing temps after just a couple of minutes (when dial is turned to “1PM”)
  • Turn the dial up a little over half-way and find your sweet spot for¬†quick and solid temperature controls
  • Designed & assembled in Portland, Oregon
  • 2 year warranty on each analog controller


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What’s In Your Analog Enail Kit?

The ultimate analog enail kit is basically all you need to hit the slab running. Other than maybe a dab mat all you need is dabs, and a place to plug-in! Splashing is a thing of the past with this klein rig. The flow is just right, and balance and the size are both perfect. The 14mm joint fits the majority of standard banger nails.

What Is a Recycler Dab Rig?

The recycler refers to the brilliant way that the water circulates around the piece without splashing. This is normally achieved by side tubes which connect an upper, air-filled chamber (often vortex or cone shaped) to the water-filled chamber at the base. This means that when water is sucked up from the lower chamber to the upper chamber, there are one or more separated paths from the air flow path which let the water fall back down. This cuts down the splash to virtually zero compared to a the vacuum that is formed in a standard rig. Without separate paths for the water and the air, the water will flow upwards and splash.

Who Was Klein?

Klein was a scientist who became famous for inventing a form called the “Klein Bottle“. The Klein Bottle folds in over itself to produce a surface that can be infinitely traveled upon. This style of recycler was named after him.

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