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Analog Enail | Driftwood:

This basic analog enail set is the cheapest, most affordable set that will actually last you for years to come. The electronics are simple, reliable and highly capable of delivering steady temperature control. The control is a dimmer knob which you may recognize from the lights in your home. These dimmers also happen to work reliably well when used for enail temperature control. Even though there is no sensor or display, the controller does a great job of keeping the temperature within range once you find your sweet spot on the knob. For a more detailed explanation and instructions check out the bottom of the analog category page for the best way we’ve found to dial it in.

  • Heats safely and reliably using the same simple electronics in your house lights
  • Case is made of safe, rugged, shock-resistant ABS plastic (same as LEGO material)
  • Standard or custom knob options
  • Choose accessories below using the drop-down menus
  • XLR heating coil pin configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=X, pin4=X, pin5=ground
  • 2-year¬†warranty included on each controller


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Back To The Basics With This Analog Enail Set

This is by far the cheapest and most affordable basic analog enail set you will find anywhere. Even though there is no digital screen, finding the right temperature can be easier than you think. No digital components mean that this unit is also extremely reliable. Many customers have had been using them for a very long time with no problems whatsoever. In fact, I don’t recall a single return for any analog unit in all of these years since I started making and selling them! Every once in a while the digital components have gone bad, but never with any of these analog dimmers. It could be a great investment just to have one around alongside your digital unit just as a backup in case you happen to experience a fluke sometime way down the line once the warranty has already expired.

How To Find Your Optimal Temperature

The analog temperature control keeps temperatures within the appropriate range when set in between 25% and 50% up. In this range it will take roughly just a minute or two heat up. Finding your sweet spot is as simple as trying a few positions near halfway on the knob and letting it sit for a minute to settle. Try this out a few times and you will get the hang of it relatively quickly. There is a more detailed explanation on how to get more exact #lowtemps for your next dab sesh on the category page (CTRL+F and Type Yuri to skip right to it). Really the only tricky part is that the amount of heat multiplies as you turn it up rather than increasing by a steady rate. This means when you get to about 3/4 it’s glowing red and way too hot.

Simple And Effective Electric Dabs With An Analog Enail

These analog enail electronics are as simple and reliable as it gets for temperature control. It’s highly capable of delivering steady heat at a great price for many years. The enclosure was modeled, 3D printed, and assembled, in Portland, Oregon.

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