Analog Dab Rig Controller (Illuminati)


Analog Dab Rig Controller (Illuminati):



  • Heats safely and reliably to dabbing temps after just a couple of minutes (when dial is turned to “1PM”)
  • Turn the dial up a little over half-way and enjoy¬†steady and convenient temperature controls
  • Standard XLR output so you can easily replace your heat coil later
  • Designed & assembled in Portland, Oregon
  • 2 year warranty on each e-nail controller

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Take home this beautiful analog dab rig controller set while you still can! The American blown banger hanger features an illuminati color accent. The illuminati glass got it’s name from it’s hidden glowing state. Under normal light the female piece appears pink-orange, but when a UV light is present the piece glows a brilliant yellow. The lampworker for this solid little piece was found (and lost) on Instagram and made in America.


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Weight3 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 4 in

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