Heat Coil Replacement (25mm Axial Style):

Heat Coil Replacement (25mm Axial Style):

Your e-nail and/or coil may malfunction dangerously if the wiring order is not confirmed to match! Many e-nail controllers are wired differently (even though they look like they might match). If you are unsure, I can help you find out. Read this for more info.

  • 25mm axial barrel style banger heat coil with wraps on the bottom of the coil for direct lower surface heating
  • 100W/120V coil
  • XLR 5-pin connector
  • K-type TC’s
  • Kevlar cord sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • This is the wiring order of this coil: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND


If you don’t know for sure the wiring order on pins 1-5 of your gear please first ask your controller seller for the pin configuration to match to this coil before purchasing. If for some reason you cannot get a response, ask me and I will  see if we can figure it out together! Your e-nail will probably not work and likely even malfunction if the wiring order of the coil and controller do not match! It may look like the same size plug but some companies wire their e-nails differently to try to get proprietary exclusivity. If you do not know for sure how your e-nail or coil is wired, it is solely your responsibility to find out (how to here). Most e-nail sellers are responsive when you ask them. Just ask what the wiring configuration is on the 5-pin XLR plug. When you find it, please make sure it matches the listed configuration listed here.


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What does the “axial” part mean in your 25mm e-nail axial coil?

You may be wondering what the definition of “axial” is regarding e-nail heat coils. Axial simply means “round” or formed around a central axis with a 25mm inner-diameter. The term 25mm e-nail axial coil is used mainly because it sounds cooler than barrel style and because everyone else seems to like it. “Axial” is simply a buzz-word, much like the term “organic”.

The term axial e-nail coil does not fully describe the intended difference in functionality vs. a standard barrel coil. The banger coils that we all commonly refer to as axial are not just round coils, but have a specialized form. This form is essentially a hybrid which combines a barrel coil with a flat coil. The difference between a e-nail heat coil that is labeled “axial” and one that is labeled “barrel” has come to be that the “axial” coils have bottom-heating as well as side-wall heating. You will notice that the coil is wound with extra loops which (mostly) close near the bottom.

What’s the big advantage? Why should I upgrade from a standard barrel coil?

By spiraling inwards towards the bottom of the banger, these extra loops also distribute heat to the bottom of the banger surface. This allows for a more evenly-heated dab surface and reduces unintentional pooling and/or waste that may occur if the dab is heated too short or too long. Compared to an original, standard 20mm banger coil, a 25mm axial coil will get you that extra little bit of wiggle room too drop in larger dabs. The larger surface area also helps you get even and complete heating to the product all at once, and again avoid unintentional waste or over-heated dabs.

It all comes down to your own user preferences, as some strive to maximize every drop, while some strive to keep a clean and maintainable dab surface. It is a fine balance between the two that each must find for themselves on this “dab-venture” called life (:



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