Category: Nectar Part Replacements Category

Nectar part replacements are here for where the e nail meets the nectar collector. You’ll find glass honey dab straws, glass stands, heating coils, & nectar tips here in this category with options to wire it to be compatible with almost any e nail on the market. Eventually, after a few years your coil e nail may read “EEEE”, meaning the coil has finally burnt out. More specifically, the internal temperature sensor in the center has failed and the controller no longer is able to use the sensor to accurately measure and distribute heat. Unfortunately at that point you will need a new coil. Fortunately, if you know the wiring order of the 5 pins I can match your new setup to your old controller. Don’t throw away your burnt out coil because looking at the inside of the coil plug is the easiest way to tell if you absolutely can’t get the information from your e-nail controller seller. You may want to have some nectar part replacements on hand such spare nails, straws, and/or stands to hold your dab straw and keep it steady.

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