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Torch-less Nectar Dabs
Nectar Collector enail sets are kits meant to pair with any enail controller. Each set includes a coil and specialized tip that allows for torch-less operation and steady convenient heating with a digital temperature controller. These specialized glass honey straws (AKA nectar collector) can be connected to the enail the same way a normal nail would be. The specialized nail connects to the coil instead of a typical dab nail, which is the main way in which the honey straw differs from a standard dab nail.

Full Setups
Each nectar collector enail setup includes a stand, glass dish, clip (if applicable to glass), nectar tip/nail, and heat coil. Just add an enail controller and dabber tool to complete your set.

Silicone Nectar Collector Enail
You may want to consider silicone because of the nectar straw’s tendency to roll if not placed correctly. I highly recommend this if you are accident prone, and it’s almost required if so. Silicone doesn’t break when dropped, so it’s better for travel. For that reason it’s also a good one for those prone to accidents. The glass is OK for traveling if you get a weatherproof case or wrap it in bubble.

Both the glass and the silicone versions have water filtration and have 14mm female joints. The nectar nail tips are 10mm on the heat coil side and 14mm on the “straw” side. Custom stands are available and custom ideas are always welcome! You won’t find nectar collectors/honey/dab straws with a lower price on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Get it shipped straight to you for cheaper than most head shops and dispensaries are offering without waiting in traffic..

Nectar straw glass stands and bases
Glass and silicone nectar kits are the most common materials available. Glass provides better clean-ability and overall flavor. For many, a glass dab straw is a must. I completely understand, and highly suggest using some sort of sturdy holding stand for your dab straw.

No nectar set is complete without a good way to keep it from rolling away. or burning your dab station. Each nectar collector enail setup comes with a holding stand to keep your glass rested well.

Nectar part replacements are here for where the e nail meets the nectar collector. You’ll find glass honey dab straws, glass stands, heating coils, & nectar tips here in this category with options to wire it to be compatible with almost any e nail on the market. Eventually, after a few years your coil e nail may read “EEEE”, meaning the coil has finally burnt out. More specifically, the internal temperature sensor in the center has failed and the controller no longer is able to use the sensor to accurately measure and distribute heat. .

Unfortunately at that point you will need a new coil. Fortunately, if you know the wiring order of the 5 pins I can match your new setup to your old controller. Don’t throw away your burnt out coil because looking at the inside of the coil plug is the easiest way to tell if you absolutely can’t get the information from your e-nail controller seller. You may want to have some nectar part replacements on hand such spare nails, straws, and/or stands to hold your dab straw and keep it steady.

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