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The enail controller category has every type and style of enail setup available with add on options. Each individualized enail controller is designed, assembled, and/or marbleized in America. Since 2015 happy heady customers worldwide have trusted RCCtools to design their custom dab stations and daily drivers with unique style at the lowest price possible. How does one find the best enail in the sea of choices we have today? The truth is, most enails are the same basic tech on the inside that has been trusted for years in multiple industries including in commercial pizza ovens. The main differences then come down to craftsmanship, customer service, and aesthetics (as long as they are fuse protected, which some are not). So in this case it’s what’s on the outside that counts most, in a way.

There’s something for every type of dabber and personality ranging from a more classy marbleized vibe, to funky and rad marble finishes, classic retro character figures, 3D printed enail controllers, and much more. The possibilities for the outside enclosure are wide and vast, as long as the electronic nail parts all fit inside! RCCtools not only offers a wide price selection of custom enail cases, but also a range of accessory options to add on to your enail setup. Make your set complete with just about every dab accessory you would ever need. Whether you are looking for something heady, affordable, or both, it’s here. Here you will find only the best value in enail parts with the highest functional value.

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