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You’ve arrived at the category for compact enail controllers designed, painted, and assembled in the USA. Each case is individually-designed and marble finished using a unique painting process called hydro dipping. Dipping the case into a specialized paint mix produces a unique marble texture. Mineral & wood grains, whirlpools, volcanic events, nebula formations, and other various natural occurrences are mimicked using this process. Send your inspirations and ideas today through the contact page because all ideas are heard and welcomed for your custom (or just for a suggestion).

I find inspiration for color combinations in places such as: animals, geology, waterways, outer-space, and even city-scapes and the human-altered environment. Different colors and techniques can be harnessed to create a piece that is unique to you. It would be literally impossible to duplicate each design exactly. The random nature of the painting process makes each compact enail controller unique and individual from the next. Match your rig for your next #topshelf signature set.

Why such a small case? Because most everyone could use a little more space to work with. Considering the amount of accessories and product that may go next to the setup, it may be a stretch to try to fit in one of the larger versions. Also the heat coil conveniently plugs into the top; which makes the heat coil cable easier to move around. It also makes it easier to install and remove later from the top compared to on the back or front. Some did not like the idea at first but then realized it’s actually the most user-friendly position for the plug after all. I knew they’d see the light eventually (:

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