Looking for a matching e-nail heat coil replacement? Need to find how your e-nail box is wired on it’s XLR plug? These coils are can be wired with standard 5-pin XLR configurations or custom heat coil re-wiring to match other brands that use anything other than the standard used here, which is: PIN1 and 2 as AC power, 3 as TC+, 4 as TC-, and 5 as ground. If a custom wiring configuration is needed, don’t hesitate to ask! Also featured here are complimentary matching nails such as the Ti/quartz hybrid nail, the SiC hybrid nail, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm quartz bangers, and the heavy-duty “Terp-Well” for your dabbing pleasure.

Which nail do I need? Which heating coil works best with which e-nail? Read more here.