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Low Temp Quartz Banger Clean (without ISO!)

By April 29, 2019 No Comments

Do I need to use isopropyl alcohol to clean my quartz banger?

It depends. If you are OK with leaving a few small bits or just have light caking then water works really well! The quality of the dabs plays somewhat of a difference here as dryer material or material with more wax tends to be harder to clean than a more “soupy” consistency. This is because the latter has a higher ratio of terpenes, which boil off very rapidly and don’t tend to leave much residue, while the more waxy material tends to leave more residues afterwords.


Do I need to torch my nail red-hot or turn my e-nail past 1000F to get it clean?

Surprisingly I have found that low temps (around 250F-350F) work surprisingly well in 99% of situations. Sometimes you just have to bring out the fire-power, though. Check out the video below where I show a easy cleaning procedure where you just bring the water to simmering and q-tip.

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