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How to Attach a Banger Nail to an E-Nail Coil Safely

By December 1, 2018 January 20th, 2019 No Comments
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Most e-banger setups I have seen involve just pressing a tight heating coil onto the sides of the banger nail– which just seems like an accident waiting to happen. The heat coil has a chance of slipping off, unless of course it’s got a tight fit on the banger. Yet if it’s a tight fit you run the risk of eventually cracking the quartz during the cool-down cycle, when the quartz expands at a different rate than the metal on the coil. Over time the stress from the expansion of the quartz can cause weaknesses which will eventually crack and break the glass.


I much prefer the SiC dish over quartz for my “daily-driver”; but I recognize and respect that the majority of e-nail/torch users still mostly use quartz bangers for their dab rigs. I haven’t seen a wholesale switch to SiC like I (somewhat) expected, which is why I decided to come up with some solutions to help keep our heating coils secured to our bangers with a little more “peace of mind”. The first is a simple wire-tie which can be twisted around the shaft leading to the heat coil and the banger shaft leading to the bucket– securing them together. This is a great simple solution since wire can be easily found in the “spine” of any grocery twist-tie (if the outer paper or plastic is removed which normally scrapes off easily). The only two drawbacks are remove-ability & aesthetics; and it really doesn’t look too shabby. If you have a wire-snipper you can cut the excess or just bend it around. TIP: make sure your “twisting-tabs” are bent horizontally when you are twisting to maximize the torque/tightness when twisting.

25mm banger kit with heat coil and fastening wire-wrap tie

The twist-tie solution to get a banger attached to a heat coil securely worked well– but I also wanted another solution that was more removable and with a more finished look. This is where the banger holding clips come in. I wondered why no one had done this before. Thingiverse had a nice starting file for me to work with and I took it from there to develop the most sturdy clip I can think of given the material (and physical constraints of heat threatening the plastic of the clip). What I came up with are several clip versions for the 20mm and 30mm bangers that never see over 50C at the hottest point. The PLA plastic which the clips are printed from are a thermoplastic, which means they are designed to be melted and re-formed (recycled) into new products. The melting temperature at which this plastic can be heated and formed is at 190C min. This does not mean that the plastic does not gradually weaken below those temperatures, so more extensive heat testing (referred to as the “creep test”) should be done before full long-term resiliency and safety can be concluded. That being said, so far a test of over 8 hours was performed where the e-nail was set at 900F and the banger clip was hardly phased. I feel pretty good about that as well as allowing you to use them with the caveat that they should not be left unattended for quite a while; until further long-term testing has been completed.

20mm standard banger with holding clip
banger mount band holding clip for e-nail axial heat coilbanger mount band holding clip for e-nail axial heat coil

Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop a line.