Warranty Term For E-Nail and Heat Coil:

In order to assure general fairness to all parties, RCC TOOLS guarantees the performance of each E-Nail controller AND heat coil for the duration of 2 years (in accordance with terms below)

effective from the date that the warranty receipt is received here. This is completed by e-mail. See “initiating warranty by e-mail instructions” below.

If the e-nail controller fails to perform under reasonable circumstances (excluding below condition, it may be either repaired, or replaced, according to customer preference. If replaced, the buyer will pay  full shipping costs. If repaired, RCC TOOLS will pay half of the shipping costs (one-way).

A list of conditions and improper uses voiding this warranty include (but are not limited to):

  • Water damage
  • Excessive shock/pressure
  • Improper or unauthorized repair
  • Any dis-assembly of product
  • Any misuse or mishandling
  • Cats
  • Lightning strikes
  • Locusts/Grasshoppers
  • Sharks with “friggin’ lazer beams”
  • Fire, flood, hurricane, or other contingencies beyond the control of RCC Tools
  • Responsibilities also include:
  • Connecting the E-Nail properly to a dedicated outlet and not a power strip or extension cord to avoid circuit overload.
  • Protecting from extreme cold, heat, or temperature changes
  • Using reason and caution in general


In addition, each heater coil is guaranteed for 1-year. From years of experience I am confident that with reasonably careful use there should be no problems whatsoever within this time period– and likely beyond. However, if coils are heated above 1080F, such as for cleaning procedures, RCC TOOLS will not be responsible for premature coil failure. The manufacturer says the average lifespan of these coils is approximately 8000 hours, or 333 days of non-stop, continuous use, and that 1100F is safe. So I am saying 1080F in order to be safe and extend the lifetime of the part.

This e-nail warranty covers the original purchaser of this appliance. The original purchaser must register their product via e-mail within 30 days of purchase. Simply snap a picture of the controller and send to: [email protected] with the subject line reading: “RCC TOOLS WARRANTY RECEIPT”. Include the sale date and vendor/retailer of this purchase. RCC TOOLS will retain the e-mail (for at least the effective period of the warranty) as an official receipt, and initiation of warranty time-stamp.

IMPORTANT: This e-mail can be visually-matched to the unit in the future, should there be any issues. For this reason, you must make sure the unit is identifiable by the photo. This means lighting must be reasonable to capture any identifiable design features.

All units will be rigorously inspected upon return to determine the cause before a repair or replacement is issued. Each e-nail controller unit is quality-tested before shipping to ensure customer satisfaction. In the event that a unit is returned, the buyer is responsible for all shipping/handling costs.

RCC Tools is not responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from circumstances out of the control of RCC Tools. 

The final right of interpretation of this e-nail warranty belongs to RCC Tools.

Thanks for your support.

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