User Guide for RCCtools E-Nails


Controller unit and coil both use mains electricity, which has the potential to do lethal damage to humans and other animals! If you attempt to open the case for any reason you must do so at your own risk. Unplug the unit after use to be completely sure it won’t be switched back on by accident or on purpose by a child, pet, or other beings. Secure all items to make sure hot coils or nails will not fall over and burn your items or yourself unintentionally!

More obvious don’ts:

Don’t spill any liquids on or around the controller, heater coil, nail, or power cord! Keep all included items free from all moisture and excessive humidity over 85% RH (relative humidity).

Soft power cords should never be excessively or repeatedly bent or compressed. This may damage the insulation in the cord which could cause the cord to heat up and cause a fire.

Working ambient (environmental) temperature of the controller unit is 32C-122F and up to 85%RH (relative humidity)

Do not attempt to replace coils from another brand until finding out if the wiring is compatible. The configuration for XLR pins 1-5 on the heat coil are: Pin1=AC power, Pin2=AC power, Pin3=TC+, Pin4=TC-, Pin5=Ground


Plug the power cord into the wall, and then into the e-nail controller (to avoid pulling the controller while plugging in). Make sure the cord is seated all the way into the unit to ensure power connection. If the cord is not plugged in all the way, it may tilt to one side, disconnecting the power from the wall and shutting the off.

It is a common error, but easy to fix. Hold the hard plastic end of the cord when and press firmly to seat into the power receptacle.

The heater coil will only plug in one way. There is a notch on the “top” of the heater coil plug which you can align with the button labeled “push” on the cord receptacle. You will feel and hear a small snap that lets you know the cord is fully

seated in the receptacle.

Switch the power button in back to the on position, and plug the heater coil in (or vice versa). To change the temperature, press the up or down arrows until desired number is reached. The screen will blink a few times then set itself. You will know when the temperature is set when it stops blinking.

Initial cleaning: For Ti nails, it is best to heat the nail up to around 100-300F and swab some 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on the varporizatino surface using a q-tip. This will remove any oil residues from the manufacturing process. There is also a process called seasoning the nail, which may also reduce some of these undesirable residues.

Ongoing cleaning: Set the controller to 1060F and wait about 5 minutes to turn back down to desired set temps, which are normally about 500F-900F depending on nail type and preference. With a standard Ti or quartz nail 710F is a pretty standard temperature, however with more massive Ti nails you may want to use more heat to prevent un-used, pooling product on the nail. For smooth, pronounced flavors (but a little more waste) a lower temperature with a carb cap is recommended. Of course, there is a sweet spot with great flavor and little waste, which is about 670F (on standard quartz domeless 20mm).


If the controller ever draws too much amperage from the wall there is fuse in place for safety purposes. The LED display on the controller will not light up, nor will power be supplied to any other component in the unit. To get the unit working again, you will need to first correct the over-current (amperage) issue that caused the fuse to blow, then replace the fuse with a 120V AC 3A quick-blowing fuse. The fuse port (located in the center of the power receptacle in back) can be popped out with a flat tool, and the fuse can easily be replaced from there.


If using for dabbing medical concentrates such as cannabis, most prefer to use temperatures anywhere from 500F-950F. It all depends on your nail, if you are using a carb cap or not, and your preference on taste and overall experience. If using for aromatherapy, essential oils vaporize at a much lower temperature, and may range around 100F-300F. Tobacco vape juice is about the same as cannabis concentrate as far as range but slightly lower.

Bottom line is there is a wide range of applications and preferences. Start with a solid average and experiment for yourself!


Tilting the coil inward towards the center of the rig will help balance out smaller rigs or rigs that don’t have a heavy base. This greatly reduces the common tipping problem.

Besides getting moisture on the coil, the number one way to break one is to bend the wire too much too many times. The second is frequent extreme changes in temperature (hence the no moisture rule). Be aware that setting to 1080F to clean from a cold start will stress the coil more than if you start the set temperature to 700F and then bring it up about a minute later.

Carb caps help tremendously with vaporizing the same amount at a lower temperature.


In order to assure general fairness to all parties, RCC Tools guarantees the performance of each E-Nail controller for the duration of 12 months effective from the date that the warranty receipt is “initiated” by e-mail (see “initiating warranty by e-mail instructions” below).

If the E-Nail controller fails to perform under reasonable circumstances (excluding below condition, it may be either repaired, or replaced, according to customer preference. If replaced, the buyer will pay  full shipping costs. If repaired, RCCtools will pay half of the shipping costs (one-way).

A list of conditions and improper uses voiding this warranty include (but are not limited to):

  • Water damage

  • Excessive shock/pressure

  • Improper or unauthorized repair

  • Any dis-assembly of product

  • Any misuse or mishandling

  • Cats

  • Lightning strikes

  • Locusts/Grasshoppers

  • Sharks with “friggin’ lazer beams”

  • Fire, flood, hurricane, or other contingencies beyond the control of RCC Tools

  • Responsibilities also include:

  • Connecting the E-Nail properly to a dedicated outlet and not a power strip or extension cord to avoid circuit overload.

  • Protecting from extreme cold, heat, or temperature changes

  • Using reason and caution in general


This warranty covers the original purchaser of this appliance. The original purchaser must register their product via e-mail within 30 days of purchase. Simply snap a picture of the controller and send to: with the subject line reading: “RCCTOOLS WARRANTY RECEIPT”. Include the sale date and vendor/retailer of this purchase. RCC Tools will retain the e-mail (for at least the effective period of the warranty) as an official receipt, and initiation of warranty time-stamp.

IMPORTANT: This e-mail can be visually-matched to the unit in the future, should there be any issues. For this reason, you must make sure the unit is identifiable by the photo. This means lighting must be reasonable to capture any identifiable design features.

All units will be rigorously inspected upon return to determine the cause before a repair or replacement is issued. Each E-Nail controller unit is quality-tested before shipping to ensure customer satisfaction. In the event that a unit is returned, the buyer is responsible for ALL shipping/handling costs.

Each heater coil is guaranteed for 6 months. If coils are heated above 1000F, such as for cleaning procedures, RCC Tools will not be responsible for premature coil failure. The manufacturer says the average lifespan of these coils is approximately 8000 hours, or 333 days of continuous use.

RCC Tools is not responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from circumstances out of the control of RCC Tools.

The final right of interpretation of this warranty belongs to RCC Tools.

Thanks for your support, and happy sapping!

RCC Tools

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