Here you can find all sorts of e-nail controller sets for everyone from the beginner dabber to heady collector. The cases on the compact marble-ized e-nails are designed, injection-molded, painted, and installed with electronics in Portland, Oregon. In addition, custom e-nails are made out of found objects that are retro-fitted to accommodate the e-nail electronics safely inside. 3D printing services are also available, as well as 3D design services.

For the budget-minded user there are a range of analog e-nail options available with add-on dab rig selections to complete the kit. Dual (and triple) options are also available for the processor or home rosin pressing hobbyist.

Still using a torch and wondering what all the hype is about? Here is some information about why e-nails are preferred by many dabbers all over as a more convenient way to heat a nail.

How do I know as a beginner that I am purchasing the best electronic dab rig setup for my money?

Which nail and/or accessories do I need with my e-nail controller set? Which heating coil works best with which dab nail? Read more here.

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