Dab Accessories & Miscellaneous Gear Page:

Here you can find a wide selection of dab gear accessories. I 3D print custom q-tip holders with video game themes and other interesting figures.

Looking for the best portable HMK rosin press for your next rosin pressing session? Look no further than the Cannaclamp V2. I offer fast shipping on imported glass dab rigs, and nectar collectors/dab straws with the lowest price this side of the Atlantic.

I also have a small collection of American blown dabber tools for sale, as well as some imported directional cappers, bubble caps, lollipop dabber/cappers, and more to come. This is also the place for glass size adapters, drop-down glass adapters, and dab nail holding stands.

This category is for all dab gear accessories that do not necessarily include a heat coil or dab nail. These can be added to each order using the drop down menus.

Here you can also find a few of the most common glass adapter fittings to protect your mini tubes, banger hangers, or other beloved dab rig. Need a glass adapter to connect your male joint on your dab rig to a male joint on an e-nail dab nail? Need a drop down adapter to help catch that reclaim before it ever touches your down-stem? This category features 3 different types of drop-down adapters for your needs. You may find the stubby dropdown to be most useful for smaller rigs that might want to tip over with an e-nail coil placed on the end. There is also a more “worked” “droplet dropdown” which adds a bit of flair, and an alternative reservoir catchment shape.