Custom Wiring Configuration for E-Nail Heat Coil


Services for custom e-nail coil wiring –

  • Send in your heat coil or wire custom from new to match your setup
  • 5′ long e-nail heat coil extension cord to give you more freedom to move the rig
  • Optional custom wiring configuration to create an e-nail heat coil adapter which solves your e-nail wiring configuration problem
  • Standard 5-Pin XLR (one end is male the other is female to connect heating coil to controller)
  • Longer cable lengths are available upon special order (CAUTION: mo’ cord can mean mo’ problems fire-hazard-wise!)
  • New adapter item coming soon! (contact for more info.)

Have a e-nail controller that needs to have the wiring configuration switched for a new e-nail setup?

No problem: e-nail coil wiring can easily be done (or guided) for your new #dabgear! First you must find out what wiring configuration your new e-nail needs to use by asking the e-nail company that you purchased from, or doing online research. Just ask the seller “what is the e-nail pin configuration 1-5 on the XLR plug?” This step is all you; but it’s easy and most companies should be happy to inform you on this. If not, we may be able to deduce the wiring visually going by wire gauge (thickness) and/or wire color to find out which wire is which. Please contact for help.

Get some room to move around your dabspace…

If you need more length on that coil cord you came to the right place! Especially because if you also have a mismatched e-nail controller and heater coil, you can now create a custom extension cable that adapts your e-nail to your new heat coil. The e-nail extension cable can now double as an adapter to remedy your mismatch dilemmas.


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E-nails and heater coils are all essentially made with the the same components; but sometimes the wires are re-arranged differently on the heater coil plug connector. For this reason sometimes a new e-nail heat coil will cause problems with an e-nail controller and cause malfunctions to occur. To find which heating coil will work with your e-nail controller, all that you need to know is the 5-PIN configuration on the controller’s plug and on the plug of the heating coil. If they are the same configuration they will work as long as it’s meant to run 120V AC power to the heating element (which 99% are). An example of a heating coil configuration that is most standard is: PIN 1=AC, PIN 2=AC, PIN 3=TC+, PIN 4=TC-, PIN 5=Ground

To find this simply search the product page where you purchased your e-nail or contact the seller and ask “Can you please tell me what is the 1-5 PIN configuration of the XLR plug?” They should be happy to tell you in order to keep your product functioning well and also for safety’s sake to avoid possible dangerous mis-configurations. After you find this out simply copy/paste it over along with the configuration for your heat coil (if not from here) and your custom e-nail extension will be completed in less than a week!

If you are looking for more information on how to find which wiring configuration matches your e-nail or e-nail coil’s XLR plug, check out this quick guide.

Are you experienced in working with electronics? Have a soldering iron? At your own risk you may be able to hack your own coil together. Check out the RCCtools reply at the bottom of this handy little post at Reddit





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Send your coil in for "custom" XLR wiring or add to a new coil, Adapter-Extension Cable (4'-5') w/ Your Specified Wiring Config., Switcheroo Configuration Matching Adapter w/ XLR plugs, Switcheroo Configuration Matching Adapter w/ Your Re-Used Old Heat Cable & Plug