20mm Heat Coil Replacement – Axial Style for Bangers


E-Banger Heat Coil Replacement For 20mm Banger-

  • 20mm barrel style e-nail heat coil
  • 150W / 120V coil (will work on most controllers except a few very very cheap units)
  • (100W coil is available by request)
  • Standard XLR 5-pin connector
  • K-type TC’s
  • Kevlar cord sheath is rip and shear resistant
  • IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT THE WIRING ON YOUR E-NAIL PLEASE¬†CONTACT FIRST TO MAKE SURE THIS COIL WILL MATCH!Ask your controller seller for the pin configuration to match to this coil before purchasing:
    • XLR PIN configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND

It may look like the same size plug but some companies wire their e-nails differently to try to get proprietary exclusivity. IT IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MESSAGE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR CONTROLLER WIRING CONFIG. ALREADY. Most e-nail sellers are responsive when you ask them. Just ask what the wiring configuration is on the 5-pin XLR plug. When you find it, please make sure it matches the listed configuration below.

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An e-banger heat coil that has bottom-heating ability is a key piece of gear that gives you more temperature coverage across the vaping surface of your e-banger. If you own an e-banger or are thinking about switching from a torch to electric., the type of heat coil to use is worth considering. Typical barrel style coils leave the bottom surface cooler than the side walls, which is of course where most of the concentrate ends up. This can be compensated for by increasing the temperatures and avoiding the side walls with your tool; but often times this leads to an excess carbon buildup. On the side walls of your banger you may find black stains which seem to “soak into the pores” of the quartz and forever evade all cleaning efforts. The bottom line is that it’s just plain easier and more efficient to heat the bottom more evenly to begin with.

Top reasons why an e-banger heat coil (or any other e-nail coil) may fail to work correctly over time:

  • failed thermocouple (#1)
  • excessive/repeated bending/twisting of wires
  • broken solder connections
  • loose and bent XLR connection (plug)
  • excessive moisture contracting the coil
  • residue buildup near the seams– towards the fabric “sheath”
  • residue buildup at any other electrical connection (not as likely)
  • an exceptional amount of forceful plugging and plugging in of the cable — wearing down the terminals (not likely)
  • “thermal shock” (gradual wear)

An e-banger heating coil can stay working for years if care is taken to avoid sharp/stressful bending of the the cable, coil, or plug parts.