20mm standard replacement e-nail heater coil

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Quartz domeless electric nail has long been the dabasseur’s favorite for great flavor at a reasonable price. Combining superior flavor and long heat retention, the unique electrical properties of quartz are famed and appreciated by dabasseurs and industrial scientists alike.


RCCtools has been designing and assembling top-shelf heady electric dab nail tools out of Portland, Oregon since early 2015, when cannabis was legalized. All products on this site are intended for legal use only, by adults of legal age to use such products.

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Standard 20mm e-nail heater coil:

  • 100W / 120V
  • K-type thermocouple
  • standard XLR 5-pin connector
  • also fits many other brands of e-nail controllers
  • standard pin configuration: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=TC+, pin4=TC-, pin5=GND

E-nail heater coils are good on average for about a year, (but they can last for many years if taken care of). It is important to buy your e-nail heater coil from the same company that your controller was purchased from, or make sure that the pin configurations will match between your e-nail heater coil and the e-nail itself.

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Dimensions 8 x 6 x 1 in

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