Replacement E-Nail Parts, Attachments, and Accessories

Replacement e-nail parts are available from RCCtools. Please contact for any compatibility questions you may have.

All replacement e-nail coils have a standard wiring that fits many other brands, except the ones that have decided to use proprietary mini XLR’s, etc.,

This category includes replacement heat coils, nectar collector heat coils, Ti nails, quartz nails, hybrid nails, adapters, and more

Ti nails are GR2 Ti sourced from China, and quartz are also sourced from China.

CCA710 Liger nails will be available in the accessories and attachments section any day now. We are also looking to add some SiC dish options, as well.

100W portable power banks/packs are in the works for fall 2017 which will allow you to take a legit e-nail and make it portable. You can finally take it on bike rides, hikes, camping trips, remote festival locations, and other dabventures! No more weak rips off of a stale pen coil– take the real deal with you wherever.

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