Honey River Rosin Press Plate Kit (5″ x 5″)


Rosin press plate kits are finally back!

Proud to present the finest in custom-engraved rosin press plate kits from Honey River Rosin…

Each HR710 rosin press plate kit includes, two 1.45″ thick aluminum (or steel), two heaters in each platen, & one platen engraved with anything you would like. Controller options include a standard or custom HR710 or RCCtools dual controller OR send us your custom dual enclosure to mount the electronics inside for free!

Prices are the same as retail directly from HR710– but purchasing from RCC TOOLS helps support both of us in bringing you the best gear and keeping up with the business.

Compatible pre-presses:

AZ Press Co. 4.5″ x 4.5″ Pre-Press

Elysian Research 4″ Square Mold


Featured by High Times magazine, Scott of Honey River Rosin 710 is an aerospace machinist-turned-bud-smasher who carefully crafts his platens using American-sourced-metal on his own specialized equipment in the USA.. Now that he is a dedicated bud-smasher, you can bet that he will keep your “solventless flight” safe and on-time!

RCCtools used to dabble in rosin press plate making, but we decided to focus on what we do best, and leave the machining to a specialist. Another big reason I chose to partner with Scott on his rosin press plate kits is his passion f0r customizing your plates and/or controller setup: “We  love offering many options that will allow you to personalize your kit. I truly enjoy bringing your ideas to life and building you a one of a kind high quality setup that you can be proud of.


Rosin Press Plate Kits

Honey River Rosin Site

Elysian Research Site

AZ Press Co. Site


Additional information

Dimensions 8 x 6 x 1 in
Aluminum or Steel

Aluminum, Steel


No Controller – Plates & Heaters Only, HR710 Standard Grey Metal, HR710 Custom, RCCtools Marble-ized


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