RCCtools individually paints & assembles custom e-nails in the USA, and can take on a wide range of custom project ideas to top your collection at a reasonable price. Designed, assembled, and painted with many happy customers since 2015, RCCtools controllers are proven reliable by the test of time. Using optimally-tuned PID controllers and solid state relay technology, "the electronic brains" are reliable, safe, and accurate. Customer satisfaction is a priority (see reviews).
E-nails are the most convenient & efficient way to achieve steady & precise heating for your personal concentrate sessions- Whether CBD, BHO, rosin, distillate, full spectrum extract, or full melt! With an electronic temperature controller you never have to guess if it's ready-- or if it's already cooled down on you. Much better for both #stopdropandglob or consecutive smaller "tasters".
No more torch refills, spent cans, dead batteries, or worn out parts-- & much easier to keep fresh and clean than a vape pen atomizer (especially using a SiC dish). If you are into concentrates, an e-nail is a great option for convenience and style. Shelf that torch and switch to heady steady electric heating from an RCCtools e-nail. Portable versions coming in 2018 for on-the-go and outdoor sessions...


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Booking a flight to rosin city? RCC TOOLS can help pack. Now offering the finest and most affordable US-soured and machined rosin platens options– no matter if you are a home hobbyist who wants to upgrade their gear/game, or commercial processors who need heavy artillery. Each rosin plate (platen) set is carefully crafted and etched by Scott at HR710, a former aerospace-machinist.

NOW FEATURING: The Canna Clamp portable rosin press, which is a self-contained full press in one unit! This professional-grade HMK rosin press allows you to bypass the purchase of a bulky hydraulic press. Now you can easily extract solventless concentrates (SHO) at home or on-the-go. This portable rosin press is a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their setup, but don’t want to invest too much time and space, and are looking for an effective happy-medium.

By ordering from RCCtools you get the same matching retail price as directly through these rosin press partners . Your support goes toward expanding an ever-growing collection some of the most affordable heady dab gear available online from the US! If you have any suggestions of products that you really like or create yourself please feel free to drop a line at the contact page!